Minggu, 20 Desember 2009

UGG Boots Sales Surpassed by New Line of FUgly Boots

Just when you thought boots couldn’t get any uglier, along comes a line of boots that are truly the ugliest boots on the planet. “FUgly Boots,” says their maker, Fingdern Smogadenser, “have been described by consumers as looking like two wet, mangy rats that fit snugly over the feet.”

“We honestly don’t know why anyone would want to buy them and can only guess that they are outselling UGG Boots because Americans have absolutely no fashion taste,” said Smogadenser, from Finland.

Makers of FUgly boots are expected to come out with a summer sandal to compete with Crocs, aptly named FUgly Feet, featuring a cut out for the big toe only on each sandal.

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