Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Michael Moore Claims the Rich May Have It but They Still Don’t Get It

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is confusing the hell out of most of the wealthiest citizens of the world. While they have more than enough money to hire someone to figure it out for them, they instead try and figure the whole thing out on their own. This leads to some major confusion when it comes to explaining to their kids just why they are so despised these days.

“It’s because we have all the money and we like to spend it,” said one father via Skype to his son who was an ocean away at prep school. His son had simply asked his father when he thought he might visit him as it had been over four months since their last meet up.

“They’re confused,” claims Harvard Economics Professor Wendell Dowdy. “They think their lifestyles as a whole are being attacked, when in fact, it is the way they make and hoard their fortunes that is getting them into trouble.” Dowdy claims 89% of the 1% who control the majority of the world’s wealth don’t have a clue when it comes to personal relationships, except maybe with their private accountants.

That is why they are now going after Michael Moore, a man who has entered into the world of the wealthy but refuses to enjoy the trappings of his success as he should. “It is just so abnormal,” claims Clive Van der Hoofenhoffen of Manhattan. “This guy has made it into our world and now he doesn’t want to accept his lot in life. He’d rather be out there in his disgusting hoodie and ball cap chanting with the Occupy Oakland riff raff.” Van der Hoofenhoffen claims that if Moore isn’t careful, he’ll lose his social standing with the wealthy.

Meanwhile, Moore says trying to explain his wealth to the wealthy is like trying to tell a baseball card collector he could care less about owning a Roger Maris card, while possessing at least three of them in his collection. “They have it, they can even buy it if they want, but they just don’t get it.”

Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Possible DB Cooper Sighting at Occupy Fernwood 2 Night Event in Ohio

It has been 40 years since the infamous hijacking of a Boeing 747 between Seattle and Portland by alleged hijacker, Dan “DB” Cooper. While many clues have turned out to be false and the most hunted man in America has never been found, police in Fernwood, Ohio are working on a solid lead that may finally help them nab the elusive extortionist.

Longtime Fernwood resident Chuck Saugis claims that late one night last week, while he and Happy Kine were enjoying a six pack of Latrobe’s Best and trying to remember the words to “Polka Your Pants Off,” they were approached by a bearded thin man who told them “I just flew in from Seattle and boy are my arms tired,” and then laughed and said he was joking of course.

The three men then struck up a conversation while manning the only Occupy America event in the region. The sign carried by Cooper (if indeed it was Cooper) read “Americans are being hijacked by Wall Street.”

By the time Saugis could get someone to come over and verify what the two merrymakers had seen, the strange man had vanished, leaving only a rag-tag cloth bank bag with the name of the lending institution worn off and, of course, a protest sign written on the blank side of an A & P Supermarket store box.

“What are the chances of us finally taking the time to get out there and become a part of this wonderful movement,” said Kine, “and running into one of the most notorious cold case personas of our time?”

“Better yet,” said Saugis, “what are the chances that there were three of us and two beers apiece?”

Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Herman Cain Says Culling the Herds and Closing Cities Answer to America’s Woes

Last week, GOP candidate Herman Cain was asked to speak at a meeting of The Elite Club. He began his speech reiterating his idea that in order to fight the war on illegal immigrants, we must build a fence, electrify it, and put a sign on the Mexican side that says “it will kill you.”

While it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that most Mexicans trying to sneak into the country aren’t able to read a sign in English, we assume that is Cain’s genius at work to get rid of the pesky border hoppers before they reach American soil.

And so, it is no surprise that Cain then remarked that we shouldn’t stop at the borders. “It’s time to get rid of the lazy, shiftless people right here in America who are a drain on our society,” said Cain. “Perhaps we could start by lacing old folks’ oatmeal with poison with the same warning,” he said. “You know, ‘eat this and you might die,’ just print it in really, really small letters.”

“I’m just coming up with these things off the top of my head, so they’ll have to be thought through a little bit,” he said, “but I’m pretty sure getting rid of the folks who don’t really contribute to society any longer will go down well with the wealthy and get me elected,” he said to a very receptive crowd.

One other way Cain said we can reduce the drain on the rich is to totally raze unproductive cities and sell the land to mineral miners. “Take Detroit, for instance,” he said. “It’s sitting on top of millions of dollars worth of salt. Make the whole damn place a salt mine, put some of the riff raff to work, and tell the rest to get the hell out. Build little shacks along the edges of the salt mines and charge the riff raff to pay rent like everyone else, and you got yourself a going concern. Ain’t nothing wrong with big companies making a buck off the sweat of the people,” Cain said to rousing applause.

“We’ll literally make those folks go back to the salt mines.”

Hours later, Cain admitted he was joking. “Of course I didn’t mean it. Salt doesn’t really fetch the kinda dollars coal or natural gas does. We’d have to find a way to close the salt mines and just tell the riff raff to get lost. Then we could dig deeper, maybe look for diamonds or something,” he said. "Then we could go after other cities like Pittsburgh and Buffalo that don’t really contribute half what they would if they were razed and mined for minerals.”

Cain got a standing ovation.

Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Halloween Stores across America Refuse to Stock Bible Figure Costumes for JesusWeen

Look out Satan, Freddy, Jason and the Screamer, this year you’re going to get your stiffest competition from Jesus. That’s right, a religious group in Baltimore, Maryland is taking over Halloween and Christening it “JesusWeen.”

“That’s pretty unfair,” claims Damian Warlock, owner of one of the many Halloween box stores springing up around the country. “You don’t see us dressing up like Satan on Christmas or opening Christmas box stores loaded with Freddy and Jason costumes complete with fake pumping blood masks just in time for the holidays do you?” Warlock says that while his store has always carried semi-religious items such as Crusader costumes and angel wings, he just doesn't see where stocking Jesus and various apostle costumes would be that profitable for him.

“The Christians have more holidays during the year than any other religion already," said Warlock, "so why do they need Halloween too? The whole thing is just getting so out of hand," he said.

Bob Holaroller, of Baltimore, an elder at the Church where JesusWeen got its start claims that instead of carving pumpkins and going around door-to-door begging for candy, children should be running through the neighborhood singing the Lord’s praises and getting free little Bibles.  Holaroller has been touting JesusWeen for the past several years but says it has been slow to catch on.

This year, Holaroller has invested in outside hurricane shutters and full drapes for the trees outside his home to stave off the annual assaults of toilet-papering and raw eggs his family endures every JesusWeen.

“It’s not that folks are anti-religion,” said Warlock. “But come on, Get-Saved pamphlets and miniature bibles? Right there you run into trouble when you cut off the neighborhood kids’ chocolate supply. There’s bound to be trouble.” Warlock also claims that the re-naming of the holiday to JesusWeen is just plain stupid.

“If it were originally called SatanWeen, I could see the connection, but changing Hallow to Jesus? What does that mean?” asked Warlock who claims he's pretty certain any kid whose parents make him dress up like an Apostle for Halloween is gonna have a hard time at school come Monday morning.

Still, anyone who wishes to turn their life around and celebrate JesusWeen instead of Halloween can do so with a minimum amount of money. “Just take those sheets you were going to use as ghost costumes,” says Holaroller, “and wrap them around you like a Jesus robe. Use a rope for a belt, and voila, you can go from Satan to Savior in no time.”

Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

Wall Street Bankers Launch “Can We Still Be Friends” Ad Campaign

Ever since the Occupy Wall Street protests began over a month ago, several groups have been organizing and marching on the largest banks in the country, i.e. Chase, CitiBank, and Bank of America. The marches in every city culminate in protesters withdrawing their money from the banks and putting it either under their mattress, with online banks that do not charge fees, or into credit unions. This is leaving the major banks vulnerable, having to contend with a serious cash flow problem.

In order to entice the protesters to keep their money in their banks or at least stop the hemorrhaging resulting from these withdrawals, three major banks have come up with a marketing plan that they think may just woo those depositors back into their banks. It’s called the “Can We Still Be Friends” interest-bearing savings account with perks.

Through this program, if a protester puts their money back into the bank, they will receive ½ of ½ percent interest annually and a patriotic coin purse. In addition, the lobbies of all participating banks will have safety-stem lollipops just like in the good old days and in flavors the protestors crave, such as cherry, orange, grape and lime. Several cases of the lollipops have been anonymously donated to the Organize Wall Street protests in an attempt at a peace offering.

“We feel their pain,” said Senior Vice President of Bank Relations, Fernando Villanovo, while strains of Todd Rundgren’s Can We Still be Friends played in the background.

The banks have hired the best public relations firm in the business to, in Villanova’s words, “turn this Occupy America thing around before it just gets too out of hand.”

Asked if the offer of a couple cents a year on a savings account, a cheap vinyl coin purse and flavored lollipops don’t work, what can the bank do next to turn things around? Villanova said, he didn’t know.

“I know they want us to pay back the bailout money, but quite frankly, that is a no can do for us. We spent it on last year’s bonuses,” he said. “If you think these protesters are angry, see how angry our executives get if there are no big bonuses this year.”

Villanova says the banks are truly between a rock and a hard spot right now and are asking the protesters to please see their dilemma and cut them some slack.

No word yet if anyone is falling for the “Can We Still Be Friends” campaign, but word on the street is the lollipops are all gone.

Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Charlie Sheen Gets Act Together as Apocalypse Nears

A fear of the devil and not being caught up in the rapture is evidently behind Charlie Sheen’s miraculous recovery from a life that had him headed on a path straight to hell.

“I woke up one morning and realized that there were only 434 days left until the end of the world, and I got so scared,” said Sheen while waiting in his dentist’s office. Asked how he knew the exact number of days before the apocalypse, Sheen responded, “Just because I am drug-free doesn’t mean I don’t have super-human powers.”

Sheen has even convinced his ex-wife, Denise Richards, to go in halvsies with him on a survival condo built inside an abandoned missile silo at an undisclosed location in the State of Idaho. “We’ve put a deposit down on a three-floor condominium complete with swimming pool, theater, four bedrooms and a maid’s quarters,” said Sheen as he awaited titanium tooth implants.

“With these titanium implants in my mouth,” Sheen said, “I will be able to communicate telepathically with anyone topside who might survive the apocalypse, although the chances of that happening are pretty rare,” said a reflective Sheen.

Sheen’s father, actor Martin Sheen, claims he is very proud of his son for finally understanding the apocalypse is a real threat and getting his act together. “Sure, he still talks like he’s high as a kite, but the drug tests keep coming back negative, and that’s all I really care about.”

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Grown Man Overdoses on Gummy Vitamins

The FDC has issued a warning for adults who are now taking their daily vitamin supplements in the form of gummy shapes to take only one per day as they are not candy.

Thomas “Tommy” Smith, of Cincinnati, Ohio is in the hospital recovering from an overdose of nutrients when he simply could not stop eating his daily multivitamins.  

“I saw a television commercial for daily multivitamins that came in the form of gummy fruits,” said Tommy from his hospital bed. “I noticed they had a sour fruit flavor, which is my favorite flavor in the whole world.”

Tommy claims he had a buy-one-get-one-free coupon and ended up bringing home two bottles, one for himself and one for his wife. “I opened the bottle of sour gummy multivitamins and popped an orange slice-shaped vitamin into my mouth and was hooked,” said Tommy.

By the time his wife found him four hours later, he was semi-coherent with his bottle gone and his wife’s bottle half empty. “I didn’t much care for the regular gummy flavor,” said Tommy, indicating that by then, he was having second thoughts on downing so many of the flavorful fruits.

Doctors claim Tommy’s lack of taste for the regular-flavored gummy vitamins saved his life. “Had he bought two jars of the sour gummies,” said Dr. Granimal, chief physician at Methodist Regional Hospital, “Tommy wouldn’t be with us today.”

Dr. Granimal has reported this incident to the FDC which subsequently issued the nationwide warning. Adults with a sweet tooth are advised against taking the vitamins in this new candy formula. “While the candy-flavored chewable vitamins have worked for kids for decades,” said an FDC spokesperson, “some adults just don’t have the will power to take just one as recommended.”

Said Tommy from his hospital bed, “I just thank God no one has come up with a beer-flavored liquid multi-vitamin.”

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Joe the Plumber Running for Congress Because He Claims America’s Going Down the Toilet

What the hell? I need beer and cigarette money

Joe the Plumber is back. You remember him…the guy who pressed candidate Barack Obama about the constitutionality of paying taxes…the guy who candidate John McCain thrust onto the political scene at the behest of Sarah Palin? Yea, that guy.

Joe the Plumber has indicated that he’s running for Congress because he claims America is going down the toilet, and let’s face it, plumbers know this kind of stuff better than the rest of us.

But, you say, don’t candidates need to be flush with cash to run for office these days? Why yes they do. While plumbers do make a pretty good living compared to some other trades, an out-of-work plumber is a whole different story.

So, then, who do you suppose made Joe decide to take the plunge? We’d wager to bet it’s either Rupert Murdoch or the Koch Brothers. We all know that these guys just love to throw wrenches into political races, especially ones centered around highly charged Democratic primaries (Dennis Kucinich vs. Marcy Kaptur in 9th Congressional District).

Maybe becoming a Congressman is just a pipe dream for Joe the Plumber, but hey, with the right backing, who knows? At least that way, he’d have a job and no longer be a drain on society, and really, isn’t that what it’s all about these days?

New Poll Shows That 99% of Americans Think Glenn Beck is Nuts

The National Opinion Research Center has just published the results of last week’s tracking poll which indicates that a solid 99% of Americans think that radio talk show host Glenn Beck is nuts.

The poll results were broadcast mere minutes after Beck warned capitalists on his radio show to beware of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“Capitalists, if you think that you can play footsies with these people, you're wrong. They will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you...” said Beck on Monday.

Keith Martin, an employee at NORC who was in charge of accumulating the votes said that they weren’t expecting the push back on Beck to be so high, seeing as that 99% included people who regularly listen to his radio broadcast.

“All we can conclude is that in America today,” said Martin, “people like Glenn Beck are expected to be crazy, to say and do the outlandish to make money, so that when it comes time to vote in a poll on whether or not the guy is nuts, they are saying yes in a positive way.”

Still, Martin wanted to make a point that those following Beck now only accounts for .000041 percent of the actual polling figures and therefore, those who think he is truly nuts is still at a solid 99%, and half of those polled believe Beck is dangerous and capable of carrying out a few killings of his own.

As Beck’s former employees would say “the dribble is on his bib,” referring to the fact that Beck now needs to wear a dribble bib to catch the flow of sputum streaming down his chin as he gets worked up talking about those 99ers out there pushing for change in America. Several psychiatrists have confirmed that this is one of the very first signs that a man is going completely mad.

Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

X-Fluents Surpass Uber Rich as the Wealthiest People on Earth

They once were called the Uber Rich, the 1 or 2% of the country’s population who possess the bulk of the nation’s wealth. However, many of the wealthiest Americans have held onto so much of their money that they are now known as the X-Fluents.

“They have money coming out of their ears,” claims one financial advisor who refused to give his name. “I can’t come up with enough ways to help them spend it,” he said as he took a phone call from a client asking him to buy two dozen pair of mating minks for the sole purpose of having a coat made as a special Christmas gift for her prized Shih Tzu, Bianca.

Another of the wealthiest in the world, Countess Dorothy de von Schtook, a New York City socialite, was recently spotted alongside her chauffer testing out the new Aston Martin One-77. “Oh dahling, I simply must have at least a week’s worth of these divine Astons for my collection,” said the Countess as she asked the salesperson to “put it on my account, dear.”

Saul Goldenschwanger, a billionaire who made his fortune in the real estate and oil business, said that although he agrees the label of Uber Rich must go, he hates the fact that he will have to spend extra money on having the name on his yacht “Miss Uber Rich” re-painted. “I have no idea if the name X-Fluent is available or if it is even an appropriate name for a sea-going vessel,” said a flustered Goldenschwanger. “I do so hate these minor inconveniences.”

Fortunately, the media has already caught on to the change so that those affected won’t be offended. In fact, Goldenschwanger said he didn’t really care what they called him, “just don’t call me late for dinner,” he mused, proving that he wasn’t really all that upset after all about having his yacht re-christened.

Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011

Koch Brothers Trying to Infiltrate Occupy America Movement

Some members of Occupy Wall Street, the precursor for the Occupy America Movement have reported being approached by employees of the Koch Brothers and offered everything from vegan muffins to cold hard cash if they would turn the peaceful protests into shouting matches.

Sunshine Delaney, a 23-year old protester from Long Island claims that she was approached by a young, long-haired guy while she was taking a break from marching along Wall Street with her friend, Bobby McGee.

“Yeah, so this guy comes up to me, and he’s like, ‘want a vegan muffin?’ and I was like, ‘are you sure they’re vegan? And he’s like ‘yeah, I’m pretty sure they are, at least that’s what the guy at Whole Foods told me,’ and I was like ‘well, sure, I guess, thanks, man.’”

Delaney says the man then started asking her rhetorical questions like “wouldn’t it be weird if you found out that this whole movement was being fronted by George Soros?” and “do you really know who is organizing these events?” She claims she started to get really paranoid and asked several of her fellow occupiers these same questions.

Fortunately, one of the organizers of the event, Dave Barry, was able to put Delaney’s mind at ease when he talked her down from the bad vibes the guy was spreading.

“Look, Sunshine,” said Dave, “there’s been some bad shit going around this protest. Some guys are passing out fake vegan muffins, free tents and sleeping bags, even ten dollar bills in exchange for a little dissident talk. We’re pretty sure the Koch Brothers are behind it.”

Barry says he can’t prove it, of course, but he says all you have to do is look at how easily the Tea Party was bought and how quickly that movement turned totally establishment.

“We’re printing up warning pamphlets as we speak,” said Barry. “Anyone who offers you a wad of cash to change your views, well, no matter how much you need the bread man, tell ‘em to take a hike. This movement can’t be bought.”

Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Thank God it’s Friday Has Become Moot in America

For decades, workers uttered the phrase Thank God it’s Friday, or TGIF for short, to indicate their relief at making it through another work week. Their co-workers would nod their heads in agreement as everyone looked forward to two glorious days off of work.

But the saying “all good things must come to an end” couldn’t be truer when it comes to TGIF, as the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a motion filed by the United Workers of America (UWA) to remove the phrase from the lexicon of American Sociology.

“We weren’t quite ready to get rid of the saying” claims U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts, “as we felt there were enough workers with jobs yet who might still appreciate being able to say those 4 simple words.”

But Roberts and the other Justices changed their minds when an Amicus Brief was filed by the United Part-Time Workers of America (UPTWA) bringing to light just how offensive the term TGIF has become.

John Rambling of Saginaw, Michigan, chief spokesperson for UPTWA explained the reasons for the Amicus Brief. “There is no longer such a thing as a full 40-hour work week. In fact, that dinosaur has left the planet. Workers are now being forced to cram a full 40-hour list of duties into a 20-25 hour work week, and they don’t work Monday through Friday. They work over the course of seven days. So TGIF is not only moot, it has become a highly offensive phrase to American workers.

Meanwhile, the United Bankers of America (JERKS) filed their own Amicus Brief with the Supreme Court basically telling the Supreme Court they have no problem with allowing the phrase TGIF to be stricken from America’s list of phrases.

“Sure,” said Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, “we still work from Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, but if we have to pat ourselves on the back at the end of a hard work week, we’re good with changing the phrase to “Thank God We Still Have Jobs.”

Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

Tareq Salahi Arrested for Attempting to Fence Stolen Items

Scene of missing bathrobe

Tareq Salahi must not have been thinking when, in order to get back at his wife Michaele, who left him for Journey member, Neal Schon, announced to the world that he was selling about 50 bathrobes his wife had stolen over the years from various luxury hotels.

After admitting to the folks over at TMZ that he was divorcing Michaele and selling off various items from their marriage, including the stolen bathrobe collection, police quickly arrested Tareq Salahi on a federal warrant. “Since the stolen bathrobes were taken across state lines, the charges were filed by federal prosecutors,” said a spokesperson close to the Tareq family.

Meanwhile, word from Michaele’s close friends is that she is having the time of her life, and when she heard that Tareq was offering the bathrobes for sale, she answered “That’s fine with me. I’m with a real hottie now. Who needs a stinkin’ bathrobe anyway?”

Rick Perry Takes Break from Campaign Trail to Visit Texas

You Shoulda Seen the One that Got Away

Texas Governor Rick Perry hasn’t been home much lately. He’s out on the campaign trail trying to garner support for his presidential campaign that has, quite frankly, been derailed by Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. But he’s hopeful and therefore ever vigilant in his fight to become the next nation’s leader.

But even presidential hopefuls need a break and that’s what brings Perry back to his home state. When asked what will be on his agenda once he gets back to his office, Perry replied “Oh goodness no, I have people to staff my office. They’ll be fine, so will Texas as a whole. Nope, I’m celebrating…goin’ fishin,’” said a smiling Perry.

“But what about the wildfire situation in Bastrop,” asked one reporter. “Oh, FEMA’s handling that,” Perry replied. “No, the NEW fire in Bastrop,” pressed the reporter.

“What, you mean there’s another daggone fire in that same place? Boy, those Bastrop people sure don’t have that Texas luck, do they?”

Perry then ended the conference by telling everyone that he preferred bass fishing to fly fishing. “It’s something about casting that lure and just waiting for a big ole’ fish to snap it up,” Perry said.

“Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. It’s just a big old waiting game,” he added as he hurried off in his private jet to give one last speech to the folks in New Jersey.

Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Makes Huge Announcement

“I’ve given it much consideration,” said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at an impromptu news conference called late Monday afternoon at the New Jersey diner where Christie is a regular customer. “I know that this decision will have a major impact on my wife Mary Pat, as well as my children, and so what I am about to tell you comes from my having spent hours upon hours upon hours spent in deep thought and reflection and it is a decision I do not take lightly.

With baited breath, the audience waited to hear those magical words, that Christie has decided to run for President.

“My fellow Americans, I am here today to announce to you my decision to choose a Weight Watcher’s diet over Atkins. My reasons for doing so…” but the crowd stood in silence. “You mean you’re freakin’ gonna finally go on a diet?” yelled someone from the back of the crowd.

“Yes,” replied Christie, puffing his chest out a bit more, so proud of himself and his decision. “Oh, and by the way, for the hundredth time folks, I am NOT running for President.”

Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Thanks to All My Readers

Dear Readers,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you who found my site and have laughed with me on a variety of subjects.

What amazes me is that my blog is one in several million, yet I continue to get higher and higher hit counts, leading me to believe that people are not only returning to read the latest satire I can churn out, but they are telling their friends. I honestly don’t know how you all are finding me, but I am happy that you are.

I would ask only one thing, if you have a moment, could you leave a comment on something you’ve read that has made you laugh. Let me know how you found the blog and any suggestions on how I might make it even better. This will give me an idea of who my readers are and why they are coming to my site. It is pretty straightforward. Just hit the comment button at the end of any article and fill out the comment form. You can also use any one of the social network buttons to share my satire on your social networking sites.

Again, I appreciate your visits and look forward to making you laugh on a daily basis.

Best Regards,

P. Beckert