Senin, 12 Oktober 2009

America's Health Insurance Companies Blow Millions on High Priced Hook

Just when you thought America’s health insurance companies couldn’t kick us any harder in the collective ass, comes the news that the insurance industry has paid coo-coo bucks for a study which says that if the present proposed health care bill is passed through legislation, it will be the cause for existing insurance premiums to rise. Oh this is gooder than good.

They claim that if they are required to cover “sick” people, they will lose money because they’ll actually be required to pay out on a claim. It is the denial of coverage on which the health insurance business bases its bottom line and the government wants to erode that security. They are so sure that they can pull this off that they are putting some insane money behind this latest attempt to quash the proposed legislation.

Ok, so if we read this right, this means that in order for premiums to stay the same for the folks lucky enough to have health insurance, the government better back off and let the insurance companies conduct business as usual. That means no one but the rich and healthy can be covered, and the rest of us are SOL. Sounds like we’re back to square one.

If they spent as much money coming up with a fair insurance plan for all as they did on million dollar industry standard studies and high-priced lobbyists, well, you get the picture.

Speaking of which--you gotta hand it to those high-priced lobbyist whores who don’t mind dishing a few lies for the big bucks in Washington. Beats running for office on the Repungent ticket these days. And don’t ask how they can sleep at night. They do pretty well with their Charlotte Thomas Bespoke bed linens, which are made from the finest merino wool, backed with a thousand count Egyptian cotton, and sewn together with 22 carat gold. Sweet dreams indeed.

Ok, then, you ask, how do they look themselves in the mirror? Easy, they can keep track of themselves and the news of their latest Capitol coup by installing a beautiful Seura mirror that comes equipped with an LCD television embedded inside. When they aren’t putting on their “up yours” face, they can keep abreast of what’s going on with the rest of the world, if they care, of course, which they don’t.

So, what’s the going rate for selling your soul to the devil these days? Actually, most lobbyists will tell you that there are so many of them willing to deal right now that the prices on soul selling have dropped considerably, which leaves them lobbying for the insurance companies.

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