Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

Sarah Plain and Entourage Spotted Stocking up at the Oscars

(I know...two Palin articles in a row...my humble apologies)

Early reports out of Los Angeles have Sarah Palin mit entourage stocking up on luxury items at the pre-Oscars Gifting Suite hosted by Silver Spoon; however a Silver Spoon spokesperson says she was gracious and kind while she was taking, not grabby like some have accused.

Some eye-witnesses disagree. “It was like a scene right out of the Ten Commandments,” said Mitzi Hermozen, a well-heeled vendor handing out luxury manicure products at the suite. “I mean, I live in a penthouse on the 22nd floor, so I’ve never really seen a locust, but what I saw kind of reminded me of that movie, only these locusts could talk and they were yelling across the room saying things like “Oooh mom, momm, mommyyyeeee, come here quick, lookee, they have Beach Bandals and they’re freeeeeee! It was quite horrific actually," said Mitzi, as she patted her golden coif.

Palin and her group were, of course, in Hollywood for Sarah to appear as a guest on the Jay Leno Show, and Bristol to tape a segment for the ABC’s popular show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Said another attendee at the gifting event, "judging by the way Palin was dressed for the Jay Leno Show, perhaps she should have stopped by the gifting suite first for a freebie makeover…tacky, tacky, tacky."

When Sarah heard what was being said about her and her group of about 20, her response was, “Oh for heaven’s sake, you mean they put stuff out there to take and then don’t want people to take it? That sounds ridiculous to me. If we didn’t take it, someone else would—or am I missing something here?”

Said Mitzi, "I overheard her telling her kids that they were going to give everything back to charity...oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth, just horrific."

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