Minggu, 02 Mei 2010

Susan Boyle Caught in Vicinity of Bali Gigolo Raid

Author's Note: Here's One for the Gals.

Bali Beach in Indonesia was the site of a recent raid in which 28 young, attractive “surfer-type” tan, hard-bodied, indescribably handsome, heterosexual men were detained on charges of offering companionship to well-heeled, rich women in exchange for monetary gain. In other words, a bunch of beach gigolos were rounded up and questioned.

Caught up in the raid were several lonely, well-to-do women, one of which is reported to be Susan Boyle. Still hurting from a break up with her 27-year old, perfectly sculpted body, olive-skinned, dark-haired boy toy in Italy, Ms. Boyle was innocently taking a rest on the beaches of Bali when the raid occurred. A 23-year old, darkly tanned, muscled, towel boy with shoulder-length black curly hair, clad only in a pair of turquoise-colored board shorts, who just happened to be chatting with Ms. Boyle at the time of the raids, was taken into custody along with other similarly handsome, skimpily-clad young, but not-so innocent, males. Ms. Boyle was questioned but released. She obviously seemed to have no clue what the police “were on about.”

Many of the gigolos, er surfers, were forced to spend the evening in jail; however, the blonde towel boy posted bail through a mysterious benefactor only an hour or so later, and was seen sometime during the dinner hour entering the lobby of the hotel where Ms. Boyle was staying, this time dressed in a chest-hugging Balinese cotton surf-print t-shirt and khakis, his strong, sensuous muscles peeking out from beneath the almost see-thru fabric.

Ms. Boyle has not been seen since, save for the occasional run for ice or to tip the bell boy for room service. Her handlers simply tell us she is laying low in order to allow the scandal to blow over. And she is singing…a lot.

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