Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

Jan Brewer Tells Sarah Palin “Thanks, Honey, But in Arizona, We Call them Balls”

In an attempt to get the back of a fellow female Governor, Arizona’s Jan Brewer, Sara Palin stated on Fox News that President Obama doesn’t have the cojones to secure the nation’s borders and fix immigration. She went on to say that Jan Brewer does, though.

Some found it ironic that Palin would use a Spanish word to describe the part of the President’s anatomy that is lacking instead of just coming out and calling them what they are—balls—especially in light of the fact that the conversation is about Spanish-speaking Mexicans not welcome in Arizona.

The most likely reason is that balls sounds crude, cojones doesn’t. The word, cojones flows nicely into a conversation. Balls kind of barges right in and makes a bold statement that may offend. Thank goodness for Jan Brewer’s bluntness. Just moments after Sarah intimated that Jan Brewer had cojones, Brewer issued a special statement saying “Thanks, Sarah Honey, but in Arizona, we call them balls.” 

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