Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Damien Thorn Surges in GOP Polls

For anyone who is just tuning in, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is surging in the polls despite the fact that he is anti-middle class, anti-working folk, and anti-poor. He is being spoon fed to America as the next great leader, ready to topple our now standing President in, what some would have you believe, the greatest takedown since Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier.

He’s Ward Cleaver, the Koch Brothers, Mr. Rogers, and Damien Thorn all rolled into one neat package created to give the American public an alternative to Barack Obama. He’s gonna fix this country. Not by easing taxes on the rich, not by giving the jobless jobs, not by fixing the financial industry. Nosiree, he’s just gonna get up there in Washington and remove Barack Obama’s finger from the dike so that Washington can get back to the business of letting business take over.

But Romney is going to do it with a great big smile on his face. The face that will be turning away when the rest of the jobs are shipped overseas, the hangers on who were barely making it finally fall into the abyss of destitution, the hungry finally die off and the poor just plain give up.

Mitt Romney is not one solitary man, he is a figurehead that has been carefully picked to be the GOP candidate to take down the President by any means possible. Romney lends his suave appearance and his calm, calculating demeanor to those in real power to do with as they please just so long as he gets to keep his millions and his mansions, yes, plural, the ones in California, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, not to mention his little ski shack in Utah.

Romney may be surging in the polls, but you can bet it is not because real Americans are backing him. Instead his political dog is being wagged so well by the most powerful people in the world that no one on the middle-class or below level can see anything due to the bright light being shined in their faces. Somebody is paying somebody off in massive amounts to have someone like Romney do so well in the polls when the majority of the citizens of this country are in such dire straits.

What is really happening is that the money people are trying one last time to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public while they are too weak to protest. It is costing a lot. One so cynical as myself has to wonder if Ron Paul, as well, is being paid a pretty penny to show up to these shindigs, take a few of the votes so as to make it seem like a real contest. He will never become the GOP candidate. He knows it and Mitt Romney and his backers know it, yet he continues to be cheered on by the youth of this country, perhaps because they are just naïve enough to believe that there is such a thing as a democratic process in America and we have a real choice.

“Make it look real good fellas, like he’s really fighting for the American people, and then at the end, give him a concession speech that will have them crying in the aisles” (cue Romney from the left.)

“My fellow Americans, I am honored to accept the nomination of the Republican Party to become the next great President of the United States.”

Does anyone know where that satchel with the ceremonial daggers is?

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