Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

New Little Bigfoot Show to Air this Summer on Animal Planet

“They’re out there. Their size just makes them that much harder to find,” claims veteran Bigfoot hunter, Claude Brinkman, from Clare County, Michigan. Brinkman has just signed on to do several episodes of a show called The Hunt for Little Bigfoot for the Animal Planet Channel.

Brinkman claims he started out looking for regular-sized Bigfoot creatures but was having little success.

“I saw where some fellas from Georgia got their own show and claim to be the best Bigfoot hunters in the world,” said Brinkman. “Baloney. They haven’t produced one iota of evidence yet, but I will.”

Asked if he had evidence of his Little Bigfoot creature, Brinkman answered “No, but I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get some. I just want to save all that for the show.”

Asked to theorize exactly what a Little Bigfoot is, Brinkman told reporters, “It’s about the size of an overweight 9-year old, I’m guessing, and it walks around barefoot in the woods, just like its big counterparts.”

Asked if it could actually be a 9-year old child wearing a furry coat for winter and walking around in the woods, Brinkman said that he thought of that possibility, but quickly dismissed it.

“Seriously, folks, where are his shoes?”

Little Bigfoot has begun filming in the woods of Clare County, Michigan and if all goes well (meaning if any signs whatsoever are found that would remotely get someone to watch this guy walking around in the woods speculating that there actually could be a smaller version of the Bigfoot creature while never showing real evidence of its existence) then the show will air on the Animal Planet in the time slot immediately following Finding Bigfoot.

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