Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Michaele Salahi Snorts Heroin to Get Back on Celebrity Rehab

Michaele Salahi was recently kicked off the reality show Celebrity Rehab due to the fact that she couldn’t produce a discernable addiction. Now, her husband Tareq has threatened to sue if they don’t take her back.

The Salahis claim that Michaele is probably more messed up than anyone on the show, but not having a visible addiction or affliction is keeping her from being able to participate in the rehabilitation program. So, in a last-ditch effort, the Salahis have taken what money they have left and bought a large amount of heroin. Michaele has been snorting the stuff several times daily in an effort to get herself hooked to the point where she is damaged enough to appear on the show to see if she can get herself off the stuff and rehabilitated.

In a letter to the show’s Dr. Drew, Tareq writes “My bitch Michaele is on the horse, man, and I can’t get her off the smack. We busted into the White House but now we have the White House monkey on our back. Dr. Dude, we need your help.”

Sources close to Dr. Drew claim that he is still not buying into the whole Salahi ruse. “If, in fact, Michaele is doing heroin to get on the show, she needs help,” he said. “She won’t find it here. This is called ‘Celebrity Rehab’ for a reason.”

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