Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Anti-Union Bill Hits NY Times Best Seller List

After a Wisconsin District Judge specifically ruled that Gov. Scott Walker’s Anti-Union Bill could not be published, Scott Walker went ahead and published it anyway. Doing so has garnered the bill some much-needed publicity. In fact, so much so that it is the first Legislative bill to ever make it to #1 on the NY Times Best Seller List.

“Coming up with a catchy title was a problem,” says Walker’s spokesman, Cullen Werwie. “We tossed a few titles around, including Gone with the Entitlements and To Kill an Entitlement but in the end, we went with A Farewell to Collective Bargaining.” Werwie added, “Yes, that is my real name.”

As for Walker, he claims he’s over the moon with the news. “I knew if I hung in there, I’d get some notice,” he said. “It takes commitment, perseverance and plain old chutzpah to get this far and I’ve got all three. Oh, and the #1 spot? Take that Oprah!”

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