Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Scott Walker Spends Taxpayer Dollars to Defend Lawsuit

Non-Union Lawyers

In the beginning, the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, said that in order to balance the budget, the State was going to have to do away with collective bargaining rights for some of its public workers, most notably, teachers. Thus began a battle that included an exodus of Democratic senators from the state in an effort to keep the bill from becoming law and daily protests by tens of thousands of citizens against Walker’s proposals.

When the Republican senate majority passed a bill last week that was hastily thrown together to separate the collective bargaining part of the budget bill, most thought that was the end of the fight.

But, late last week, a Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge issued a temporary restraining order effectively stopping the bill…for now.

Ironically, Walker now plans on spending taxpayer dollars from coffers he says are drying up because of the demands of the public workers for decent wages and benefits, to fight the ensuing lawsuit.

The only people who stand to profit from this fiscal fiasco in the long run will be the attorneys who are now firmly entrenched in litigation on both sides. In the end, it really isn’t just about money, in light of the fact that had attorneys not been brought into the fray, there very well would have been enough to fund teachers’ salaries and give a few tax breaks to the rich and probably enough left over to buy every citizen of Wisconsin a pound of its best cheddar.

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