Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

Glenn Beck and the Birthers-New Album Released

Branson, MO – Many people may not know that Glenn Beck fancies himself a singer. Some who’ve heard him say “you either like him or you don’t, there’s no middle ground.” His voice is sometimes likened to a high-pitched whine, while simultaneously coming down into a deep growl, and together with his back-up singers, creates quite a unique sound.

The Birthers are Philip “Flip” Berg on slide guitar and back up vocals, Alan “Flop” Keyes on Bass, Orly Taitz, lead female vocal, and G. Gordon Liddy, synthesizer and back up vocals. Together, the group puts out a sound that has resonated throughout the south, and coupled with lyrics such as “A cross and some stars, still makes this country ours,” and “How much you wanna bet, US don’t appear on his birth certificate,” they get the message out loud and clear that a divided America is just how they like it.

Their hit single, “I’m Teabaggin’ All the Way to Washington” made it onto the country music charts the first week it was released. And Orly Taitz’ smoky rendition of “White Robe, White Slippers, White House,” is quickly becoming the Birthers’ most requested song.

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