Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Possible DB Cooper Sighting at Occupy Fernwood 2 Night Event in Ohio

It has been 40 years since the infamous hijacking of a Boeing 747 between Seattle and Portland by alleged hijacker, Dan “DB” Cooper. While many clues have turned out to be false and the most hunted man in America has never been found, police in Fernwood, Ohio are working on a solid lead that may finally help them nab the elusive extortionist.

Longtime Fernwood resident Chuck Saugis claims that late one night last week, while he and Happy Kine were enjoying a six pack of Latrobe’s Best and trying to remember the words to “Polka Your Pants Off,” they were approached by a bearded thin man who told them “I just flew in from Seattle and boy are my arms tired,” and then laughed and said he was joking of course.

The three men then struck up a conversation while manning the only Occupy America event in the region. The sign carried by Cooper (if indeed it was Cooper) read “Americans are being hijacked by Wall Street.”

By the time Saugis could get someone to come over and verify what the two merrymakers had seen, the strange man had vanished, leaving only a rag-tag cloth bank bag with the name of the lending institution worn off and, of course, a protest sign written on the blank side of an A & P Supermarket store box.

“What are the chances of us finally taking the time to get out there and become a part of this wonderful movement,” said Kine, “and running into one of the most notorious cold case personas of our time?”

“Better yet,” said Saugis, “what are the chances that there were three of us and two beers apiece?”

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