Kamis, 21 April 2011

Donald Trump Offers $1M Reward for Proof of Obama’s Birthplace

Donald Trump is tired of people coming down hard on him for something he strongly believes in, i.e. making the President of the United States answer to his whims. Trump says he’s not used to anyone telling him he can’t do something and it is this reason alone that spurs him on to put pressure on the President of the United States to personally fly to New York and show him (Trump) his original birth certificate.

However, Trump realizes this may never happen and so he’s working on the next best thing—getting his hands on a copy of the original birth certificate, which he claims will prove once and for all that President Barack Hussein Obama was born in Iraq.

That’s right, Trump believes that Barack O’bama is an Iraqi citizen. “’How can I be so sure’ you ask?” asked Trump of the reporter following this story. “Well, I’ll tell you. His middle name is Hussein. Now any idiot knows that Saddam Hussein was from Iraq. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make that equation work.” He then added, “And for the record, yes, I know Iraq isn’t a part of Africa, but it’s pretty damned close.”

In fact, Trump is so sure that Barack Obama is an Iraqi that he is putting up a cool $1M to the first person that shows him the authentic birth certificate from Iraq. “I won’t be satisfied,” said Trump “until I turn that sucker over and see those tiny little footprints on the back. I’ve got my own personal pedologist (footprint expert) already on board to match the little feet with the big feet.”

Trump was asked how he happened to be in possession of a set of President Obama’s existing footprints. He replied, “That’s my business,” then turned to his assistant. “Jessica, get me Dog the Bounty Hunter in Hawaii on the phone. I need him to get me those footprints he picked up in Oahu last January, stat.”

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