Rabu, 13 April 2011

Man Arrested for Soliciting Prostitution in Hawaii Sting Operation

That headline in itself would garner nothing more than a peek at the article to see if there were any titillating facts to glean from the entire story. But when you are a very close friend to the President, well, it takes on a whole new meaning.

All of a sudden, the world is interested in the case of a male Hawaiian resident who happened to get caught in an undercover sting operation for soliciting the services of a prostitute who, most likely, was an undercover cop. The only reason they are interested in his case is the fact that he’s been a close friend to the President since their high school days.

Although this news is so last week, it’s a given that news teams all over America were busy poring over every bit of information they could get their sticky little hands on to glean anything they could to link President Obama to this fella that just happened to use some poor judgment and decide to “go get him some” outside the home.

But wait, what if the story was a plant to take the average American television viewer’s mind off the fact that America is facing a budget crisis and a potential government shut down? Now that is a story we all can sink our teeth into.

Guess what? This time it didn’t work. The budget crisis still looms and there isn’t one person I’ve asked who can tell me what what’s-his-name’s name is.

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