Kamis, 07 April 2011

Glenn Beck One Ups Oprah; Announces He’s Leaving Fox News

Everyone is wondering what or even who Glenn Beck will go after on his last show to air on the Fox News Channel later this year. Just like Oprah, who announced last year that she’d be retiring this year, Glenn Beck announced he was being fired and would leave Fox when he’s damn well good and ready. Yet, no one has a clue exactly what will appear on the mad rodeo clown’s blackboard on that last day.

That’s because no one at Fox News has actually had the cajones to confront Beck with a final air date, nor do they plan to. “He’s a scary guy,” said Gary Grimley, associate producer of Beck’s show. “While Fox fully expects craziness from its personalities on the network, we don’t actually confront it. That’s just nuts.” Grimley, speaking on the condition of anonymity, says that “crazy is what brings in the bucks on Fox.”

Unfortunately, now that the Glenn Beck brand of crazy is actually chasing the bucks away, as in ad revenue, Fox has decided it’s time to cut him loose. Said Grimley, “May God have mercy on America and Fox’s souls,” and added “You aren’t going to print my name, right?”

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