Selasa, 26 April 2011

Donald Trump Puts Glass House on Market

Yet another indication that Donald Trump is absolutely serious about running for President is the fact that he has just listed his all-glass NY mansion for sale this weekend.

The home, a stunning 8 bedroom, 9-1/2 bathroom home is one of the most unusual homes in the older, reserved neighborhood of Old Wesbury, NY. Boasting “more windows than a cathedral,” Trump is allegedly selling the property due to recent events that he says could very well bring harm to his property, a prediction made a long, long time ago by his grandmother.

“Donny, dear, it’s no coincidence that you’ve built a home constructed almost entirely of glass situated on Stone Throw Way,” Trump recalls his granny telling him over twenty years ago, admonishing him for taking chances that were unnecessary. “I remember her saying to me ‘You are a dear sweet boy, but couldn’t you build the damn house out of bricks or wood like everyone else? Does it really have to be a glass house?’”

Trump says that until recently, he hadn’t given the house a thought as he’s always loved looking at himself in the reflection of all that glass. But now that he’s appointed himself the chief of the truth squad against the President, he’s not willing to take any unnecessary chances of having the home destroyed. “I think old granny might have been right after all. I’m gonna get rid of the glass house asap,”
said Trump.

The home is listed for $2,675,000, and the realtor is throwing in a lifetime supply of Windex as an incentive to move the home quickly. So far the only person interested in the property is Glenn Beck who, like Trump, gravitates toward glass and stone.

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