Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Crap, I Totally Blew Off the Day of Doom

Stefano Bonazzi

Well, I had every good intention of giving the End of the World* my undivided attention. 

Unfortunately, I had several things on my to do list that took precedence and, before I knew it, the day was upon me. Looked at my watch and it was half past midnight on the 21st of May.

Oh sure, I know I have until 6 p.m. to get something written about the world coming to an end today, but honestly, my day is pretty much packed with other stuff to do.

But I promise, if I get a few minutes later on today, I’ll throw something together because, let’s face it. The end of the world really does deserve at least a mention, don’t you think?

*Latest Chicken Little, Harold Camping from Oakland, California, predicts there will be major earthquakes today that will signal the end times. Should arrive around 6 p.m. but not sure if that is central, mountain, standard or daylight savings time, so stay on your toes people and wear your good underwear. Don’t wanna be embarrassed during the rapture. Meanwhile, I have to get to the store. We’re out of toilet paper.

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