Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Lady Gaga May be Getting Married or Not

From the Whogivesaflip Newsroom:

In a surprise turn of events, Lady Gaga today denied rumors that she was getting married, but hinted that she probably would get married. Those close to her say that she is contradicting herself as a way to throw off the scent of any paparazzi sniffing around.

Gaga admitted on the Graham Norton Show that she was not dating anyone because she was too busy, but further admitted that she was in a monogamous relationship with Canadian, Luc Carl, at some time. She said the relationship may even be ongoing, but she doesn’t know for sure.

“I am so busy, I don’t know which end is up,” says Gaga. “One minute I’m writing a song and the next minute, I’m singing that same song. It’s got nothing to do with love sometimes.”

Gaga told Norton that she wears a wedding dress on stage to scare away potential suitors. “God, all I need is another boyfriend,” she said. “Not that I ever had one, but if I did have one, I don’t anymore.”

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