Minggu, 26 Juni 2011

Pat Robertson Blasts Glenn Beck for Starting Gay Web Network

Well-known Christian Conservative, Pat Robertson is fuming over the fact that one of his favorite ‘pot stirrers’ has moved over to the dark side.

In a radio interview Friday, Robertson blasted Glenn Beck for eschewing his fanatical belief system and starting up a gay black web internet TV network.

“GBTV is everything the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is not,” said a visibly upset Robertson in explaining his ire with Beck. Choosing a name to brand yourself with is one of the most important parts of being able to sway millions of people to your side,” he added.

Not one to mince words, Robertson told  Beck, “Had you simply put a “C” for Christian somewhere in your web television name, perhaps no one would be confused, but GBTV? Do you know how many homosexuals are going to be viewing your channel to see what Glenn Beck has to offer?”

When Robertson was corrected and told that GBTV does not stand for Gay Black Television, it did little to assuage his concerns. “Well, it’s a sad day when you have to bring the gay blacks into your business at all,” answered Robertson.

Following the exchange on Friday, Glenn Beck reportedly called an emergency meeting with his lawyers to see if he could have the initials “G” and “B” officially trademarked to stand for Glenn Beck exclusively, but there has been no word on the outcome of that meeting.

What was expected to be smooth sailing ahead for Beck is turning out to be a conservative Christian Mormon’s worst nightmare. 

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