Minggu, 05 Juni 2011

Sarah Palin Totally Baffled on New England History Tour

As Sarah Palin wound down her One Nation tour of New England, one thing was abundantly clear to all who came in contact with her. She needed a lesson or two in the history department.

From the Liberty Bell to the Statue of Liberty, Sarah Palin uttered the same phrase over and over again—“I did not know that,” leaving some to wonder if this trip she was taking was a way to get her up to speed on American History in case she does make up her mind to run for President.

In addition to “I did not know that,” she was also overheard saying things like “get outta here” and “you’re joking right?” and the overall consensus was that she mostly just did not know a lot of stuff. For instance, when told that the Battle of the Little Bighorn was not fought in Massachusetts, she uttered an audible “You’re just messing with me now, right?”

There were also reports that Sarah Palin kept her 10-year old daughter, Piper, close at hand to help fill in the gaps when someone more knowledgeable was not convenient. At one point, Piper was caught on camera giving mom a quick lesson in government telling her, “No, mama, Abraham Lincoln did not sign the Declaration of Independence.”

With Fox footing the tab for the “family vacation,” Sarah Palin has proven once again that it’s not what you know but who you know. She may not know Diddly, but she sure can tell you whose face is on the $100 bill. “It’s that kite guy, right?”

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