Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

Sarah Palin Has ‘Todd’ Tattoo Removed

Where 'Todd' Used to Be

In yet another breaking story from an undisclosed source that the Palins are divorcing, a supposed cosmetic surgeon in Phoenix has neither confirmed nor denied that she performed a tattoo removal for Sarah Palin. But sources close to the sometimes on again, sometimes off again presidential candidate confirm that indeed, the ‘Todd’ tattoo Sarah got in college has been removed.

“This is just one more indication that the Palins are headed for Splitsville,” said Carrie Cassowary, the undisclosed source mentioned above, whom no one is certain even writes for the Globe.

Cassowary goes on to state that the tattoo ‘1st Dude’ on Sarah’s upper right shoulder blade is staying. “It’s generic enough that it doesn’t require removal and may just come in handy come November 2012.” 

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