Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

Lady Gaga Wears Elephant Poop Heels in Latest Music Video

How do you top wearing a meat dress to an awards ceremony? If you’re Lady Gaga, you get someone to sell you a pair of elephant poop stilettos. The heels, designed by a London artist, were part of an exhibit last year at London’s Tate Art Gallery when they caught the eye of the eccentric pop artist, Lady Gaga.

“Ooooh, I just have to have those poop shoes,” cooed Gaga. “They would go perfectly with the crocodile coprolite necklace I got last year from Arizona. How much? How much?” exclaimed an excited Gaga.

Actually, coprolite (fossilized poop) jewelry has been around for a while now but hasn’t really caught on as a fashion accessory.

However, the designer of the shoes hopes that as soon as Gaga steps on stage in her elephant poop stilettos, it won’t take long at all before every woman worth her weight in fashion sense will be sporting the latest in dung accessories.

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