Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

Today’s Top Republican Headlines

Rick Perry Announced Today His Readiness to Announce His Announcement of Whether or Not He is Considering Announcing His Announcement to Seek the GOP Nomination for President of the United States – Austin American-Statesman

Grover Norquist Denies He Was Once a Furry Blue Muppet – The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Michele Bachmann Worries She May Be Raptured Before Becoming the First Female President – StarTribune

John Boehner’s Tan Fading, Says He’s Ready to Make a Deal with Obama – Golfer’s Weekly Digest

Newt Gingrich’s Personal Debt Ceiling Raised - Richmond Times-Dispatch

Former Vice President Dick Cheney Suggests Waterboarding May Bring About Debt Ceiling Solution – Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Former President George W. Bush ‘Happy as a Pig in Slop’ He’s No Longer President – Dallas-Ft. Worth News

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