Sabtu, 30 Juli 2011

Seniors Have Themselves to Blame for Fight over Nation’s Budget Crisis

Middle America may not like it, but they are getting what they deserve, i.e. a generation of “me first” politicians who could care less whether or not grandma makes it on less than a thousand dollars a month.  

Those “What were you thinking” ads aimed at the politicians who want to take away Medicare and Social Security benefits are laughable to the youngsters who are now in charge.

Talk about entitlements. The Tea Party rug rats who have made their way into Congress as elected officials know all about entitlements. They were raised on them. The “don’t tell me what to do” crowd is now in charge and this is their take on the “What were you thinking” ads:

Hey grandpa, what were you thinking when you were chowing down on a breakfast that consisted of eggs and bacon every single morning?

And grandma, what were you thinking making pot roast, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and a nice big slice of apple pie for dessert every Sunday after church?

Hey dad, your liver ain’t so happy now after those 3 martini lunches, eh?

Oh, and mom, is it my fault you gave in to my every whim? You are the one who taught me that if I bug you enough, you’ll eventually give in because, after all, I was driving you up a frikkin’ wall.

We raised a generation who doesn’t want to pay for grandpa’s gout, grandma’s heart surgery, or mom’s anxiety medicine because, let’s face it, they brought it on themselves, didn’t they?

Our only salvation in all this mess is the fact that China and Japan are the major holders of our debt and it just so happens that they don’t think like the Westerners. They actually revere the elderly. So go ahead, kids, default on that international debt.  It might not be such a bad deal for the nation’s elderly in the long run. 

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