Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Man Released from Jail after Erroneous Arrest for Internet Porn Post

Rufus Simpson of Pascagoula, Mississippi was released from jail early Saturday morning after spending the night locked up on charges of internet porn posting.

His accuser, Shirley Remquist of nearby Moss Point claims that she opened her Facebook page Friday evening to find that a post from Rufus had made it onto one of her friend’s pages which read “Darlene, honey, you knows I is the number one master baiter in yore life.”

Remquist immediately reported Simpson to the authorities demanding they arrest him in order to, in her words, “get a vile, despicable ole man offa the intanet fore he molests some young’n.”

While awaiting arraignment in jail, Simpson got to talking to the deputy in charge and explained that he owns a bait shop in Pascagoula and was just having a little fun with his wife after closing up the store for the night.

“Seems you cain’t even do a little spoonin’ with the wife on the intanet these days widdout some ole dried up prune thinking you’s a molestater,” said Simpson after being released from jail.

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