Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2011

Amazing New Product, Writer Fiber, Cures Writer’s Block

John Aholi, a writer from Hoboken, New Jersey, has had his fair share of days trying to squeeze out short stories to post on his semi-successful blog “The John.” But now, thanks to a new product called Writer Fiber, the words are flowing on The John with little to no effort at all.”

Aholi says there’s nothing crappier than sitting at a computer, straining for just the right words only to have nothing come out for hours on end. “I can’t stress to you how much it means to me to have a product like this. It has taken quite a load off,” he said.

Writer Fiber was developed by Aholi’s writer friend, Curtis Finkter, a full-time pharmacist who moonlights as a features writer for his local newspaper, The Daily Constitution. “I started getting backed up at work and realized it was affecting my writing in a major way,” said Curtis. “I was full of ideas but getting them out was another thing. That’s when I began working on a tablet that would get the juices flowing for writers like me,” he said.

While John jokes that he and his friend Curtis “have always been full of “it,” he can’t thank him enough for the cure for writer’s block. “Thanks to Writer Fiber, we’re finally able to get “it” out on a more regular basis.”

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