Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011

Tea Party Poopers Take Tea Party to Task

Seems a good many Americans are worried about their financial futures now that Standard and Poors recklessly downgraded the country’s credit rating to AA+. While they don’t get that S&P’s actions were politically driven and highly irresponsible, they do get that the Tea Party was behind it all.

This week, however, a new political action group, known as the Tea Party Poopers, was organized for the sole purpose of taking the Tea Party out of the equation come hell or high water.

“Although they’ve only been around now for a couple of years,” claims Ted Leigh, organizer of the Tea Party Poopers, “the Tea Party Patriots have wreaked havoc on our political system, and this latest ploy to gain attention by holding up the vote on the debt ceiling was the last straw.”

The Tea Party Poopers say they have a defense strategy to take down the Tea Party at all costs. “When they’re in Washington protesting, we’ll be in Washington protesting. When they have one of their elected goons vote down an important piece of legislation, we’ll have not one but two of our goons, er, elected representatives, counter that vote and cancel the no with a yes, or vice versa depending on the legislation.”

“Killjoy’s in town,” said another Tea Party Pooper member, “and our sole purpose for being is to take all the fun out of the little soiree the Tea Partiers have been hosting in Washington.”

“Exactamundo,” said Leigh, “We’re about to drain their beer tap, marry off their cousins, and pay the honkey-tonk singer to take the night off, so there ain’t no more reason for the rubes to stick around.”

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