Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

Lady Gaga Sings Happy Birthday to President Obama Marilyn Monroe-Style

Friends of Lady Gaga claim they were in awe after receiving news that their famous friend was attending President Obama’s 50th birthday bash. They weren’t, however, ready for the video showing her very up close and personal song to our nation’s leader.

Ms. Gaga showed up at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom Wednesday afternoon in her own version of the famous jeweled gown worn by Marilyn Monroe and looked every bit the part right down to her platinum blonde wig and bedroom eyes as she took center stage and belted out the now-famous version of “Happy Birthday Mr. President.”

After the song, Gaga spoke directly to President Obama from the stage, saying, “Sorry, sir, that you had such a rough week. I hope this makes up for some of it,” and with that she went over and gave Obama a peck on the cheek, wished him a Happy Birthday and scurried away in the 10-inch mouse slippers she wore to the event.

Her sultry shenanigans were not lost on the President who later quipped, “I should get shot down in Congress more often.”

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