Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011

The Dougherty Gang Getting Their Own Reality Show

The Dougherty Gang, a trio of siblings consisting of two brothers and a sister, are well-known for their crime spree that spanned several states, including Florida, Georgia and Colorado. They don’t mind shooting cops if they have to, and they smile for their mug shots, if they want to.

The gang was finally arrested in Colorado and the siblings are currently being held on more than $2.5 million bond each. But according to reports coming out of Hollywood immediately after the news of their capture, there is a chance that one big reality news network is willing to put up that bond money to get exclusive rights to the story of those three badass kids.

“Let ‘em out, and give ‘em to us,” said an unnamed spokesperson. “With a makeover and the promise of making more than they do now robbing banks, we might just eventually show them a better path.” He then added with a smile, “Oh hell, who am I kidding? With gang member, Lee Grace’s penchant for taking her clothes off, we stand to get way more than just a crime spree with this trio. We might have to hawk this one to Showtime.”

With bail being met, the courts would have no alternative other than to release the kids, and most assuredly, they’d return to their life of crime. The only difference this time would be that there would be cameras rolling and donuts in the crew van every morning for the star criminals before they hit the banks.

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