Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

Republican Lawmaker Says He Exposed Himself to ‘Expose Shakedown’ on Craigslist

Phillip Hinkle, a Republican Representative from Indiana, has been caught up in yet another Craigslist scandal. Hinkle admits to making arrangements on Craigslist to meet a young man at an Indianapolis hotel for sexual purposes.

Just like other lawmakers before him, including U.S. Republican Representative Chris Lee of New York and fellow NY* Representative Anthony Wiener, 64-year old Hinkle made an error in judgment by not being able to resist the urge to show someone a major (or minor, depending on the circumstances and room temp) part of his naked body.

But Hinkle claims his case is different. “I did it to try and help those poor, unfortunate young men on Craigslist who are being victimized by our country’s lawmakers.” Hinkle says he knew it was a shakedown, and without telling anyone his plan to singlehandedly bring down this terrible scourge, he somehow mustered the courage to answer a young man’s post on Craigslist seeking male companionship.

Hinkle claims if anything he is a hero for stepping up to the plate and even going so far as to expose himself physically to the young man, so that, in turn, this type of behavior can be exposed (no pun intended) and dealt with once and for all.

“Believe me, nobody wants to see a 64-year old elected official’s winkie unless there’s cause to,” said Hinkle, who, coincidentally now goes by the nickname “Winkie” on Facebook.

*What’s in the water in NY anyway?

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