Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

Barry's Backyard Burials

Waldeburg, WI – Tough times are hitting everyone including the dead. Folks are so busy trying to keep their homes and their cars that there’s no money left in some budgets to bury their dead. Cities all across the country have seen a rise in people abandoning their newly deceased family members and letting the local authorities take care of the body.

In Waldeburg, Wisconsin, though, folks wishing to save money while giving their loved ones a decent home burial have an option. For less than it costs to throw a fine Irish wake, Barry’s Backyard Burials will supply you with a pine box complete with travel pillow, a wooden cross with the deceased’s name etched on it, and a pot of mums, in season. Barry and his crew will come to your home and dig a hole on your property in accordance with local ordinances, and leave instructions on exactly how the hole should be filled in. The rest is up to you.

Why pay thousands of dollars to the local mortuary and cemetery when Barry’s Backyard Burials can do the same thing, sans embalming. As long as you own your property, and plan on staying there awhile, Barry’s offers a great option for cash-strapped mourners. And, according to suppliers of pine boxes, you’ll be doing the environment a favor too as pine boxes are environmentally friendly.

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