Minggu, 09 Agustus 2009

Cash for Clunkers: Herbie the Love Bug Traded In for 2009 Kia Rio

Reno, NV - The lovable Herbie The Love Bug VW Beetle was taken in as scrap this week at Bud Glow’s Rio Showcase Car Dealership in Reno, Nevada. The car’s owner, Delora Upswing, said the car was given to her as a present from a friend years ago and she just kept it locked up in the garage.

As soon as she heard about the Cash for Clunkers program, she decided it was time to part ways with the little fellow and get herself a sporty new ride.

When she went to start Herbie, he sputtered and coughed and she thought he wouldn’t make it, but true to form, he started running like a top. “It’s a shame I should get rid of this cute little car,” said Delora, “but he’s too out of date.” At that, Herbie’s bright headlights began to fade as he slowly rolled down the driveway and took Delora for one last ride, oil conspicuously dripping from his tear ducts.

Once they arrived at Bud Glow’s, Herbie was escorted to the back of the lot with the rest of the dejected clunkers. Delora, meanwhile, got a great deal from Bud himself, and drove off the lot in her brand new Rio, not even looking back at Herbie.

Update: Since last reported, Herbie has been saved. An old mechanic named Don, who works for Bud, realized who Herbie was and offered to take him off the lot for the cost of salvage. Last seen Don was cruising the streets of Reno with Herbie flashing his lights and wagging his windshield wipers.

C’mon. This is a comedy site. You really think I’d off Herbie?

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