Selasa, 04 Agustus 2009

The Clintons--WTF's New Political Tag Team

Washington, DC – In what has been billed a first in heavy weight political maneuvers, the tag team of Hillary and Bill Clinton have succeeded in taking down America’s meanest competitor, Kim Jong Il of North Korea. Hillary’s visit to Southeast Asia two weeks ago was initially seen as unproductive and served only to enrage further an already angry mob of North Koreans who likened her to a mean mother.

Little did the North Koreans know that Hillary was the first punch of a Clinton one-two, to be followed up by her husband, Bill Clinton, in a surprise visit to North Korea this week. Said Hillary, “I was just warming them up. By the time Bill got in there, they didn’t know what hit them. It was a TKO (take Korea out).”

Once Clinton got what he’d come for—the release of two American journalists jailed in North Korea on spying charges—he hopped on a plane flanked by the journalists and with a flash of his cape, was gone.

Although no one at the White House expected such a positive outcome, the Secretary and the Attaché, as Hill and Bill are professionally known, had no doubts. “We’ve been practicing this move since the 1980’s” said Bill. “We like to call it ‘The Ole Switcheroo.’”

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