Sabtu, 15 Agustus 2009

Vegetarianism Taking Over

Vegetarianism is expected to increase within the next few years due to recent viral outbreaks linked to the consumption of meat. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), we could see a “perfect storm” of contagious diseases as outbreaks of the avian flu (poultry), mad cow disease (beef), swine flu (pork) and salmonella (fish) are all expected to occur within the same time frame sometime within the next two years.

There has already been an increase in toilet sales in anticipation of the mega-outbreak. Some families are urged to turn extra home space into multiple stall bathrooms as family members prepare for the effects of the flu as well as the effects that will come from the changeover from meat to roughage.

Not to be confused with commodes, the commodities market is expected to soar as foods such as corn, broccoli, and soybeans make their way to the top of everyone’s grocery list.
It is expected that nearly half the world’s arable land will be planted with these 3 major vegetables to be used both as a food source and as an alternative energy source.

President Obama welcomed the news stating “we were hoping that something would come along to help put plumbers and farmers back to work, and this is just the break we need to get this economy back on track.”

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