Selasa, 27 September 2011

Patti Stanger Claims Gays Can’t Help Being Sex Fiends

Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, appeared on Bravo’sWatch What Happens Live and didn’tdisappoint. Well, to be fair, she did disappoint the host, Andy Cohen, anduntold millions of gays across the country, but she didn’t disappoint herparents.

Stanger made it a point to make sure everyone who didn’tknow anything about the gay lifestyle was brought up to date on every gaystereotype she could cram into the half hour show, including the one about gaysbeing sex fiends.

“My mom and dad were horrified to find out I was doingmatchmaking for gays,” said Stanger when asked what made her start includinggays in her Millionaire’s Club. “I just wanted to include everyone, even thosewho I knew were going to be trouble from the beginning,” she said, referring toher monogamous rule. “Those gay boys just can’t keep their pee pees in theirpants,” said Stanger pointing to her vagina then Cohen’s crotch, apologizing. “And,”she said, “they give me a meshuga headache.”

When Cohen (who is openly gay) told Stanger that heactually was looking for a monogamous relationship, Stanger told him, “Yeah, Andy,like I’m gonna believe you. All Jewish men lie.”

Cohen knew he’d be sorry for asking but he went ahead andasked Stanger why her parents were so afraid of her trying to fix gay men andwomen up with each other. “Oh that,” said Stanger, “they thought I was gonnacatch you-know-what.”

“What?” said Cohen? “Gayness?”

At one point Cohen’s eyes rolled so far up into his headthat they had to pause the “live” button, take Cohen back stage and allow hiseyes to roll back down on their own.

“We were very scared when that happened,” said a stagecrew member. “This had never happened before.” Cohen was later asked what happenedand he said “I don’t know. I think I just had my share of incredulous and Icouldn’t control my eyeballs anymore.” Cohen then pleaded with the producers “Please,don’t make me interview Patti Stanger ever again. She’s just a whack job, and Idon’t mean that in a sexual way, at all.”

Stanger has since apologized for her comments about gaysand Jews on the show and has even invited to help match Andy Cohen with one ofher gay/Jewish Millionaire Club members. Cohen was rushed to the emergencyroom, this time because his eyes wouldn’t come back down on their own.

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