Minggu, 18 September 2011

More Americans Interested in How Britney Spears is Dressed than In State of Economy

Recent poll results are in. Stories about Britney Spears dressing like a tramp are trumping stories about people losing their homes big time. “There just isn’t the ‘wow factor’ in a story about foreclosures anymore,” claims a writer for the New York Times. “It’s been done, overdone, in my opinion,” he said “and people are just sick of the whining.”

Meanwhile, stories about Britney Spears wearing skin-tight dresses and launching a new tour is what sells newspapers and ads on the internet claims another reporter who, until recently, was following the political scene in Washington. “People just don’t care if John Boehner and Barack Obama are at each other’s throats anymore,” said Bill Chapman, former Washington Post reporter turned Star Magazine chief correspondent. “But put a story in the paper that Charlie Sheen has reconciled with his family, even if it’s a bald-faced lie, and you can bet that edition will sell out in minutes.”

“In fact,” said Chapman, “just mentioning Charlie Sheen’s name in this article will get more attention than the last three articles about politicians, the poor dying in the streets, or the floods in the northeast combined,” he said.

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